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About Us

We are Artemus Labs. We are a start-up company that creates confidence with our breathable, comfortable, & beautiful prosthetic liners.

Our Story

We are a student-ran, start-up company founded by Calvin Leung & Rae Jillian Rivera in 2018. Our company currently focuses on creating prosthetic liners, and challenges the current industry by integrating functionality with alluring designs.

The majority of current liners on the market do not account for sweat and heat build up in the area of amputation. Current liners are also standard to the prosthetic industry and does not account for it's appearance and style for the user. Our goal is to improve the overall health and confidence of individuals with amputations by creating a breathable, comfortable, and visually appealing liner for people with amputations.

Our prosthetic liner has the technology and innovation that people deserve. What we value in our company in our customer. We want to make our customers feel confident & sexy.

Product Benefits

Our prosthetic liner has the technology and innovation that people deserve.


Our prosthetic liner is uniquely designed to increase breathability & decrease sweat.


The liner is especially designed to make our customers feel confident & sexy.


Our prosthetic liner makes customers feel comfortable and confident at a competative price.


We support our customers by ensuring that the liner fits exactly to their preference.


Our prosthetic liner is designed to reduce skin discomfort & abrasions.


The prosthetic liner is easy to clean for everyday use.


At Artemus Labs, our team enjoys reaching out to the community and learning better ways to design our liner.


At Artemus Labs, we value opinions from professionals and individuals with amputations.

Anna Velsko

CSU Dominguez Hills Prosthetist
A lot of liners today have a style that is bland and there's not alot of thought put into how the liner looks.
A liner that is breathable is definitely something that I am interested in as an amputee that wears two prosthetics. If I'm able to work out longer without having to worry about taking my liners off to dump out the sweat, I'd be really happy.

JR Vigil

Bilateral Above-the-Knee Amputee & Athlete

Our Team

Artemus Labs consists of individuals from a diverse background.

Calvin Leung

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Rae Jillian Rivera

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Kimberly Ventura

VP of Finance & Engineering

Nikki Escobar

VP of Design

Anna Maria del Mundo

VP of Marketing

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!


+1 (562) 826-9790